African Dashiki Tops "Everyday Exotic"

African Dashiki Tops "Everyday Exotic"

Posted by Tambo Collection on 5th Jul 2015

Dashikis are directly associated with Africa and instantly recognizable as an African look.  In Africa dashikis are worn for comfort in the hot climate.  In America we wear dashiki to make a statement.  We wear dashikis to celebrate our rich heritage and black history month. Dashikis are great for family reunions, vacation, black heritage festivals, events, dance groups and special occasions. 

Looks great dressed up or worn casually. Dashikis also became popular in the 60's during the civil rights movement. "Black Power"

We have dashiki tops, for women, men and children. No wonder Tambo Collection is called the "Dashiki Central"   Tambocollection's dashikis are also worn by famous people from the USA and around the world. Our dashikis are 100% cotton, comfy, assorted colors and and sizes for the entire family.

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